There are at least four artists with this name:

1) Alt rock, jazz, metal and ambient band from Warsaw.

2) Experimental artist consisting of ant weiss and Junkin.

3) FORMA, a minimal synth/Kosmische trio from Brooklyn, New York:

4) Nu-metal rock band from Lucenec, Slovakia

5) Electronic project from Ostrava, Czech Republic (Gergaz Netlabel, Lazytempo)

1) Forma originates from Warsaw School of Architecture (WAPW), where three students found their musical path together back in 2004. Our approach at the beggining was to gain as much as we can from a power-trio lineup, exploring the music and moreover exploring ourselves and to avoid a mind-set in a particular choice of style. Year 2005 was our musicians' homework because we had a lot to learn and still we do. As the work upon our original stuff and...



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