Miniature Tigers

Vinyl LP

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2010, Modern Art Records

VINYL FORMAT. On 180 gram vinyl! 'The first Miniature Tigers record, Tell It to the Volcano, was probably an over-share. As the sensitive Phoenicin turned Brooklynite got more attention, he seemed to grow less happy with having put himself out there. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Miniature Tigers' thick-walled sophomore album is called Fortress. Any allusions to real life are doubly fortified this time, as are the production values. Not only is [Charlie] Brand not disclosing any potentially awkward information here, the unique timbre of his endearingly brittle voice is barely audible behind layers of gauzy production. The first song, "Mansion of Misery," begins with Brand singing what sounds like: "Thinking about throwing away the key / What would that be, for you and me? Whoaaa. / Who says something, throwing away the me? / Still looking out, only for myself." His decision about throwing out - or at least concealing - the key unfolds throughout Fortress.' - Martin Cizmar /


Disc 1
1 Mansion of Misery
2 Rock NÆ Roll Mountain Troll
3 Dark Tower
4 Gold Skull
5 Bullfighter Jacket
6 Egyptian Robe
7 Japanese Woman Living In My Closet
8 Tropical Birds
9 Lolita
10 Coyote Enchantment

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