Frankie Rose and the Outs

Frankie Rose and the Outs

Vinyl LP

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2010, Slumberland Records

VINYL FORMAT. "We were major sadface when Frankie Rose left her founding group Vivian Girls, but it was clearly for the best because she's been doing fine, fine things ever since. Her debut single 'Thee Only One' had us swooning to no end last year, but drumming duties with Dum Dum Girls meant her solo stuff was bumped into a temporary hold . . . Though she's still enamored with the 'lo-fi garage, big reverb-drenched Phil Spector-produced '60s girl group sound,' Rose is promising a more diverse direction. 'I tried to make this album as hi-fi as possible while sticking to the sounds that I've always loved,' she explains. 'I grew up listening to a lot of musicals and Gilbert & Sullivan operas, so harmonies are a given. I also was drawn to anything spooky as a kid - "Good Vibrations" still kinda scares me. To be honest, I like so much music and I never know what influences are going to come out. For me, songwriting is more about evoking certain feelings than the lyrics or anything else. Hell, sometimes I don't even know what the songs mean.'" - Charlotte Richardson Andrews /


Disc 1
1 Hollow Life
2 Candy
3 Little Brown Haired Girls
4 Lullubye for Roads & Miles
5 That's What People Told Me
6 Memo
7 Must Be Nice
8 Girlfriend Island
9 You Can Make Me Feel Bad
10 Don't Tred
11 Save Me

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