Friend Opportunity



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2006, Kill Rock Stars

Insound Staff Pick - 2008! There's a symphonic conception at work here, entire worlds within chords, genius hooks that may or may not swing by again, a programmatic, narrative flow that takes us from one place and drops us off in another, like an exhilarating abduction. Just as importantly, you can hear how the band took a little something from each of the bands they'd toured with - Radiohead, The Roots, and Wilco - though they don't sound like any of them. Friend Opportunity is a feat of reinvention that could only come from artists willing to rethink everything.


Disc 1
1 Perfect Me
2 + 81
3 Believe E.S.P.
4 Galaxist
5 Choco Fight
6 Whither the Invisible Birds?
7 Cast off Crown
8 Kidz Are So Small
9 Matchbook Seeks Maniac
10 Look Away

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Peter Pendergrass
this is a great album that shows deerhoof at a level that they've not really been able to hit before. if you liked their previous material, you'll love this. if you didn't like them very much before, i'd say you should still give it a listen. this album is cleaner and more cohesive, but doesn't lack at all in classic deerhoof experimentalism and noisy rock outs. this will be one of the best albums of 2007. something you should look out for: deerhoof was touring with radiohead when they recorded this, and i personally think i can hear that influence in their sound. let's see if a little bit of deerhoof bled into the new radiohead album that's going to be released summer 2007?!

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