Further Adventures of Lord Quas


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2005, Stones Throw

VINYL FORMAT. Quasimoto is back with 26 tracks and 68 minutes of straight boom music. The Further Adventures find Lord Quas still digging for records, rolling blunts, and smackin' dudes with bricks. Madlib, for his part, appears to have been saving some of his best beats for Quas, and some that others were maybe afraid to touch. Consider the book on Hip Hop thrown out the window. Quas probably smoked it. They've got MF DOOM along for a reprise of the Madvillain-Quas collab on "Closer". They've got M.E.D. from the Lootpack family up on "The Exclusive". Melvin Van Peebles (legendary filmmaker) shows up again on several tracks, as he did on The Unseen, channeled through the officially sanctioned use of a sampler. Madlib also takes the mic for several tracks!


Disc 1
1 Bullyshit
2 Greenery
3 Crime
4 Hydrant Game
5 Don't Blink
6 Players of the Game
7 Bus Ride
8 Closer
9 Main Girl
10 Civilization Day
11 Bartender Say
12 1994
13 Another Demo Tape
14 Raw Deal
15 Mr. Two-Faced
16 Exclusive
17 Fatbacks
18 J.A.N. (Jive Ass Niggaz)
19 Shroom Music
20 Rappcats, Pt. 3
21 Strange Piano
22 Life Is
23 Clown (Episode C)
24 Raw Addict, Pt. 2
25 Tomorrow Never Knows
26 Privacy

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