Galactic Melt (Reissue)

Com Truise

Vinyl 2xLP

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2012, Ghostly International

VINYL FORMAT. Comes with exclusive track not on the CD version. Become one with the cosmos, like Pinocchio becoming a real boy, but in the nether regions of imaginary space. When talking about the music of Com Truise (one of the many pseudonyms of New Jersey designer/musician Seth Haley), the nostalgia bit inevitably comes up. Yes, his songs tap classic sci-fi and proto-electro in a way that is distinctly early '80s in scope. But they're also remarkably weird - stutter step proggy and intoxicatingly psychedelic, like those classic touchstones got drunk on lava lamp juice inside a pinball machine.


Disc 1
1 Terminal
2 VHS Sex
3 Cathode Girls
4 Air Cal
5 Flightwave
6 Hyperlips
7 Brokendate
8 Glawio
9 Ether Drift
10 Future World
11 Galactic Melt

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