Several artists have released recordings under the name of GAS: two electronic music composers, Wolfgang Voigt and Mat Jarvis, furthermore a Japanese hardcore band, a rock-band from Germany, and lastly an industrial band from Sweden.

1) Wolfgang Voigt of Kompakt Records, Cologne, who created hypnotic, bass-driven ambient/minimal techno on the German label Mille Plateaux. Says Voigt of his music: '(This is) music without beginning and without end, cushioned contours that fall softly into the space that seem to overrule temporal schemes. GASeous music, caught by a bass drum just marching by that streams, streams out through the underwood across the forest soil.'
Read more on Wolfgang Voigt on Wikipedia.
Kompakt (DE)

2) Mat Jarvis records as Gas and High Skies. He is an electronic artist who released the Gas 0095 CD on em:t records...


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