Gatto Fritto

Gatto Fritto

Vinyl 2xLP

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2011, International Feel

VINYL FORMAT. UK music producer Gatto Fritto emerged from the suburban witchcraft and hard drug fallout of the late '90s, the bastard offspring of John Dee, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and the Parachute Regiment, with the sound of Terry Riley, the Belleville Three and Glenn Branca ringing in his ears. He put Theo Parrish on at an empty club and cleared dancefloors at Analog City. He sold secondhand records in some of London's rudest secondhand record shops and spent months arguing with Sam Weaver over which edit of "Illuminations" to release (as one-half of the terrifying MK Ultra/Afrobeat project Hungry Ghost). He caused security alerts at out-of-town airports, had psychedelic Menorcan nightmares, stitched his wounded heart back together with spite and meditation and channelled the power of a thousand broken dreams through the prism of Baby Ford, John Fahey, Holger Czukay and Stelazine. He released Invisible College on Dissident in 2007 and Bursting The Bubble on Electric Minds in 2008. He was there at the start of Dissident with Andy Blake. He has remixed Franz Ferdinand (for money) and Subway (for love). He has been played by Harvey, Weatherall and James Holden.


Disc 1
1 Curse
2 Hex
3 Grinding of the Brakes
4 Solar Flares Burn for You
5 Lucifer Morning Star
6 Invisible College
7 My Etheric Body
8 Beachy Head

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