General Dome

Buke and Gase

Vinyl LP

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2013, Brassland

VINYL FORMAT. General Dome, the second LP from Buke and Gase, finds them evolving their already-innovative sound. In 2011, Aron Sanchez moved from NYC to upstate Hudson, NY and bandmate Arone Dyer followed. She than began riding a motorcycle, the obvious next step from racing and building bikes. She's explored this new form of excitement vigorously, and claims it comes across in the new music. The band rented a cavernous empty room in between heavily- used railroad tracks and the Hudson River to set up a temporary recording studio. The recordings have hints of their surroundings, such as natural reverb, train horns, rumbling annoyances. The size of the new space led to a grander songwriting style. As per usual, they recorded and mixed it themselves.


Disc 1
1 Houdini Crush
2 Hiccup
3 In the Company of Fish
4 General Dome
5 Hard Times
6 Sturtle
7 Twisting the Lasso of Truth
8 You Do Yours First
9 Split Like a Lip, No Blood on the Beard
10 Cyclopean
11 Contortion in Training
12 My Best Andre Shot
13 Metazoa

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