Get Back Guinozzi!

Now comprising a 5-piece band based between London and the South of France, Get Back Guinozzi! is the brainchild of two French friends, Eglantine Gouzy and Fred Landini. Front-person Eglantine is someone FatCat have been talking with for a while, having posted three of her solo tracks on our online demo MP3 archive way back in 2004. having remained in regular contact, in Spring 2008 Eglantine (at the time living alone deep in the jungle in India whilst recording a solo album) mailed us a CDR of the band project she’d been working on with Fred, which immediately enchanted us.

The roots of Get Back Guinozzi! lay in Fred’s composing fifteen “one-minute tracks” for a contemporary dance company, using a minimal set up of a guitar, rhythm box, and only one keyboard sound. These compositions yielded the melody for the song ‘L.A.’...


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