Get Hustle

To those who are unfamiliar with the Get Hustle,

The first time I saw the Get Hustle was in the French Quarter, New Orleans, which was no accident. I was homesick and drifting around outside this petite theater down on Bourbon Street, in a haze, and all of a sudden I heard a reverberation that was so strange coming from the stage inside. I went in to witness the Get Hustle and they stole my heart. It was the most erotic and magnetic sound. At the same time it was deeply spiritual and connected like angels flying across the desert right into your soul, saving you and enslaving you. I was listening to a lot of Sun Ra, Amon Duul II, The Birthday Party, Leadbelly, and David Bowie at the time and it seems logical that whatever this sound was would be in complete agreement with my tastes at the time. It was truly a thrilling psychic event a...


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