Nathan Thompson (born 1983, better known by his stage names Giggs or Hollowman, is a British rapper from Peckham, South London. He is the leader of SN1 (Spare No 1), a branch of the Peckham Black Gang, alongside his brother Joe Grind, Spender, YG (Young Giggs) and Gunna D. Other artists within this group include Kyze and Tiny Boost. The group's main producers are Simple, Boomblast, Unit 10, Universe and Pablo.

Born Nathan Thompson in the early 1980s, raised by a single mum and the eldest of his siblings, he grew up in a less well off family in Peckham. Originally nicknamed 'Giggler' because of his tendency to laugh even in the most inappropriate situations, this was cut down to 'Giggs'. He became a father at the age of 21, but soon after spent two years in jail for gun possession.

He is known for rapping slowly in a low voice, which...


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