Gilded Stars And Zealous Hearts

Velocity Girl

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2008, Sub Pop Records

LP #3 for this fine D.C. quintet is a disappointment. This writer usually loves good, strong production, so the hiring of Cliff Norrell, fresh from his inspired mixing work on Catherine Wheel's Happy Days and R.E.M.'s Automatic For the People, sounded perfect for V.G. Instead, Norrell's taken the spunk out of them. The sound is not too glossy, or dull, or plodding. It's just too perfect, too streamlined, too clean, transforming a promising indie outfit into just another pop group, like a million faceless others. The group's long-standing virtues, its modesty, it's love of pop craft, it's amiable nature, are all here, and Gilded Stars should be a fine effort, but it lacks the old edge. Gilded Stars and Same Old City should be world-beaters; instead they're world-wearies headed toward easy-listening oblivion. That these songs came to life live, recently, points the finger at a confining production job. ~ Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, All Music Guide


Disc 1
1 Gilded Stars PLAY
2 Nothing PLAY
3 Just Like That PLAY
4 Same Old City PLAY
5 Go Coastal PLAY
6 Lose Something PLAY
7 It's Not For You PLAY
8 Zealous Heart PLAY
9 The Only Ones PLAY
10 Finest Hour PLAY
11 Blue In Spite PLAY
12 Formula 1 Throwaway PLAY
13 For The Record PLAY
14 One Word PLAY

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