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San Diego, CA’s GoGoGo Airheart began writing in 1996 at the hands of core members Mike Vermillion and Ashish Vyas. After two years of relentless basement rehearsals and a string of homemade cassettes, GGGAH were picked up by local indie label, Vinyl Communication. Augmented by drummer Andy Robillard and violinist Teri Hoefer, the group recorded their self-titled debut LP in 1997. Combining virulent dub inflected rhythms, spasms of skittish, wirey guitar and Vermillion's signature breathless vocals, "GoGoGo Airheart" stands as a distinct blueprint of post-punk’s progressive ideals and dub reggae’s elastic studio wizardry (due largely to experimental producer/ collaborator, Spacewurm).

Following shortly thereafter, 1998’s superb "Love My Life, Hate My Friends" LP emerged to meet the group’s increasing word...


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