Goldenboy is one of the following:

1. An indie pop band that toured with Elliott Smith. During that time, Smith took to calling frontman Shon Sullivan by the nickname "Goldenboy." The name stuck as Sullivan developed his sound and added members to the Goldenboy lineup. Smith was instrumental in getting the band's first album, "Blue Swan Orchestra," recorded. Goldenboy recently released a follow up record, entitled "Underneath the Radio," including guest spots from Neil Finn, Lisa Germano and Matt Sharp (The Rentals).

2. A pop punk band from Bergen, Norway. The band consists of Torkel Hofslett Thowsen (Toke) - guitar, vocals; Bjørn Tore Taranger (bt) - drummer and percussionist; Nils Flåm - bass, vocals; Jostein Røen Hauge, guitar.
Formed in 1999, while studying music at Bergen College, lead-singer/...


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