Grand Archives

Based in Seattle, USA, Grand Archives is an indie rock band featuring five male vocalists. Mat Brooke, co-founder of slowcore cult-favorites Carissa's Wierd (not to mention an ex-member of Band of Horses) started Grand Archives with a trio of friends in September, 2006. Drummer Curtis Hall, bassist Jeff Montano (The New Mexicans), and guitarist/keyboard player Ron Lewis (Ghost Stories). Guitarist Thomas Wright signed on soon after. Judging from the first material, Grand Archives isn't a drastic change from the songwriting shown by Brooke in both Band of Horses and (even more so) in Carissa's Wierd. The latter in which he took even more part in the song-writing process.

The band emerged to little fanfare in March 2007 with two tracks posted to their MySpace page. Following an initial show with Brooke's fellow former Carissa's Wierd ba...


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