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2012, Tembo Trunks

Tembo Trunks are the first collapsible earphone amplifiers designed for iPod shuffle, iPod nano & iPod classic. Take them anywhere. An ancient method of amplification with a modern twist. Using Horn Acoustics, Tembo Trunks amplify the music from your iPod's earbuds up to 80dB of clarity-enhanced Stereo Sound (3x the sound). The volume from Tembo Trunks is sufficient for lots of situations. Don't expect to bust an eardrum or feel the ground shake when you're playing your music – that's kinda the point. Tembo Trunks are ideal when you want to share music in a casual setting (traveling, camping, beside the bed, in your hotel room, in the office, by the pool etc.). Tembo Trunks have a maximum output of 80dB – If you need more volume consider using conventional powered speakers.

Size:160 x 160 x 50mm / 6.5 x 6.5 x 2in
Weight:250grams / 0.5lb
Material:High Grade Silicone Rubber

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