GUARDS are living proof that this Twitter / Internet malarkey actually works! Closely affiliated CULTS (you don’t get any closer than your own sister) tweeted an update to their mighty list of followers a few months back that they feature on a new EP by GUARDS.

Cue media explosion that sees the band reach record downloads on Bandcamp (the future - Richie Follin), and start a frenzy of label and booking agent war. The truth lies in the fact that intrigue in this very day and age with the immediacy of social networking is still as relevant as it has always been inside the music industry.

Cause a stir, then a buzz, a maelstrom will surely then ensue. BANG! - we have the next big thing, right there, on your laptop, iPod or iPhone before you even know what hit you. Imagine if Marty McFly in Back to the Future opted to wig out on Eart...


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