Hairdresser Blues


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2012, Hardly Art

VINYL FORMAT. Hunx (aka Seth Bogart) of Hunx & His Punx/Gravy Train fame is back with a solo album to maximize and flex his power as a stand alone singer/songwriter and pop song virtuoso. Hairdresser Blues is a collection of songs raging from indie pop jingle jangle to bouncing bubble glam and then some. Not only were all of the songs penned by Hunx himself, but the entire album with the exception of the drums, were played by the outrageous frontman. Recorded and produced by Ivan Julian (that famous dude from the Voidoids that produced the Hunx & His Punx lp from 2011 Too Young To Fall In Love).


Disc 1
1 Your Love is Here To Stay
2 Private Room
3 Let Me In
4 Always Forever
5 Hairdresser Blues
6 Do You Remember Being a Roller?
7 I'm Not the One You Were Looking For
8 Set Them Free
9 Say Goodbye Before You Leave
10 When You're Gone

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