Half-Handed Cloud

John Ringhofer, the man behind the moniker, is an economical thinker. Ringhofer prefers the subway over a taxicab, is a recycler of plastic, a compulsive note-taker, and a habitual optimist. He doodles in the margins of National Geographic magazines, carries several different colored pens, and continues to use an antiquated CD walkman. When not on tour solo or as the trombonist for Sufjan Stevens' Illinoisemakers, he lives rent-free in Berkeley, California in exchange for his services as a custodian in a church. His music encapsulates his struggle to make sense of his life and his passions. In Half-Handed Cloud, this is expressed as an all-consuming search for God. Like Brother Danielson, Half-Handed Cloud is able to ensconce complicated theological concepts into playground song without condescention towards the subject or to his listener...


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