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2008, 555 Recordings

A brand new full-length album from long-running British pop favorites Boyracer. Led, as always, by StewartAnderson, the band serves up another tasty dish of insanely delicious pop goodness. Loud, fuzzed, and lovely.


Disc 1
1 Vinegar Evenings
2 I Thought Even More of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead
3 Where To Place Your Trust?
4 Invisible
5 Careless and Caught Out
6 The Moment
7 Flinch At the Light
8 The Warmest Hours
9 What You Decide To Cherish
10 Millstones=Milestones
11 Awkward Silence Is Not a Steady Diet
12 I Was the Drummer In Altered Images
13 A Chipped Tooth and Greasy Fingers
14 On Bleached Grass
15 Angle
16 Riding the Rims
17 Overcast Youth
18 The Others Way
19 A Lesson In Bad Posture
20 How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage?
21 Christopher
22 The Basics

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