Have One on Me

Joanna Newsom

Vinyl 3xLP

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2010, Drag City

VINYL FORMAT. 'It's been a highly entertaining indie-rock parlor game these past few years, wondering how harpist/lyricist Joanna Newsom would follow up 2006's Ys - arguably one of the most rewarding releases of the decade just concluded, and certainly one of its most unusual. How could she top that strange masterpiece? Now we have our answer: with a triple album. Newsom's Have One on Me [is] a three-CD package, as well as a three-LP vinyl set, if that's your thing. This announcement confirms rumors that have been circulating since Drag City posted a mysterious cartoon hinting at the album's imminent arrival . . . though the triple-album part comes as a surprise. Have One on Me's spare, contemplative "'81" [has the] opening lyric: "I found a little plot of land in the Garden of Eden/It was dirt, and dirt is all the same." All further details, including the rest of Have One on Me's track list, remain under wraps. Triple albums can be divisive, and this one will surely be no exception. Speaking as someone who loves Ys, though, I'd say that album proved that Newsom does exceedingly well with creative gambles. If there's any artist from whom I'd like to hear three full discs of new material at once, it's her.' - Simon Vozick-Levinson / Music Mix (EW.com)


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
1 Easy
2 Have One on Me
3 '81
4 Good Intentions Paving Co.
5 No Provenance
6 Baby Birch

Customer Reviews


2 reviews

Matthew Carmichael
I am exceedingly excited for this release. Y's and The Milk-Eyed Mender were both absolutely incredible albums and I have no doubt that Joanna Newsom has the ability to outdo herself with this triple-release.
Billy Million
I drive a spaceship and I wear silver spacesuits and I have the ability to see the future. And let me tell you...this record is an A+. In the future, when this record is out, many other humans will give it an A+ but for now you must trust me, Billy Million, and my space-traveling ability to go to the future and report back to you, mere peasants, that this Joanna Newsom record is A+.

see you in hell.

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