Head of Femur

Head Of Femur is an American rock band based in Chicago, IL. Ben Armstrong (drums/vocals/keys), Mike Elsener (guitar/vocals) & Matt Focht (vocals/guitars/percussion) formed the band in November of 2001 & have since played in most of the United States and parts of Canada. Their first album, "Ringodom Or Proctor", was released by Greyday Productions in August of 2003 to critical acclaim. Their second album, "Hysterical Stars", featured thirty musicians playing giddy, highly complex & densely orchestrated mini-suites that earned comparisons to the Beach Boy's "Smile", the Zombie's "Odyssey And Oracle" & the Flaming Lips "Soft Bulletin". It was released in May of 2005 to more critical acclaim. An EP of more rock-based alternate versions & cover songs called "Do The Tav...


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