Heart Burns

Tom Gabel


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2008, Sire

Tom Gabel, leader of Against Me!, returns to his roots as a solo singer-songwriter acoustic guitarist with the EP Heart Burns. Inspired by the country's current political and cultural landscape, and recorded this summer between Against Me! Tours, Gabel wanted to release the topical and timely songs prior to the forthcoming national elections. With new-millennium protest songs such as "Anna Is a Stool Pigeon," prompted by a story about an environmental activist sent to jail after being implicated by an undercover informant, Heart Burns is a scorching musical manifesto.


Disc 1
1 Random Hearts
2 Conceptual Paths
3 Cowards Sing at Night
4 Amputations
5 Anna Is a Stool Pigeon
6 Harsh Realms
7 100 Years of War

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