Here Come the Warm Jets (Reissue)



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2005, Virgin

In 1973, fed up with Bryan Ferry's domineering in Roxy Music, Eno leapt into a solo career that would find him championing the "art" in "artifice." This record is a who's who of the then-burgeoning English art-rock scene, featuring Robert Wyatt, Robert Fripp, and every member of Roxy Music except its leader (thus answering the musical question, "What if Eno had helmed the third Roxy record instead of Ferry?"). Warm Jets sports a lightheartedness that was a refreshing antidote to the pomposity of Yes and ELP on the dark side of art-rock's spectrum, with nonsensical, sound-based couplets such as "Oh headless chicken / How can those teeth stand so much kicking?" This debut is a milestone not just for Eno, but for all rocking music. Listen to Fripp's furious guitars on "Baby's On Fire" and "Blank Frank." It's incredible, Velvet Underground-inspired rock in a scene that had forgotten what rocking meant. --Gene Booth


Disc 1
1 Needles in the Camel's Eye
2 Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
3 Baby's on Fire
4 Cindy Tells Me
5 Driving Me Backwards
6 On Some Faraway Beach
7 Blank Frank
8 Dead Finks Don't Talk
9 Some of Them Are Old
10 Here Come the Warm Jets

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This is an excellent introduction to the pre-ambient/poppier side of Eno's catalog. More cohesive than "Taking Tiger Mountain" and a little more playful than "Another Green World", Eno stretches the boundaries of the traditional pop song through various techniques normally found in the realms of "modern composition". Incredibly ahead of its time and still sounding fresh today, "Here Come the Warm Jets" is one of this innovative artist's finest moments.

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