Hint Hint

Band Members:
Dean Hudson – guitar,
Leona Marrs – keyboards,
Jason Lajeunesse – drums,
Peter Quirk – vocals,
Gabe Carter – bass guitar.
“ A spastic propulsion system guaranteeing that even if you don’t remember what it sounded like, you’ll remember what it felt like.”
Brian Howard – Magnet Magazine

“The Hint Hint philosophy seems to sprout not from angst or lust or poetry, but inexplicable, all-consuming paranoia. Vocalist Peter Quirk and Leona Marrs define Hint Hint via keyboard molestation, coaxing dog whistle drones against Jason Lajeunesse’s pile-driving drums and the ambient delay of Dean Hudson’s guitar”
Andrew Bonazelli – Seattle Weekly

“Quirk delivers lyrics like each line is a tortuous thought, wrestling them with the passion of someone fighting a lover’s quarrel. At times he doesn...


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