Horndog Fest

The Dirtbombs

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2005, In The Red Records

Horndog Fest is the Dirtbombs debut full-length and the beginning of Mick's side project. Mick (Gories) Collins sticks two drummers and two bassists into a dark, moist room, flasks some hybrid punk/noise/blues and incubates behind the bar fridge. Timeless, yet so very much of the moment.


Disc 1
1 Vixens In Space PLAY
2 I Can't Stop Thinking About It PLAY
3 Granny's Little Chicken PLAY
4 Bittersweet Romance Song PLAY
5 Armageddon Double Feature (Lovesick Blues #4) PLAY
6 She Blinded Me With Playtex PLAY
7 A Brief Treatise On the Discovery of Antimatter PLAY
8 Pheremone Smile PLAY
9 My Heart Burns With Deeps Of Lurve PLAY
10 Burnt To Cinders PLAY
11 Fox Box PLAY
12 Shake!! Shivaree PLAY

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