The Antlers


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2009, self-released

"The Antlers' Hospice is a lullaby for the broken hearted. Peter Silberman's cracked but assured voice soars over rickety guitars, twinkling keys and understated horns through the course of these living, laughing, choking, crying songs. According to Silberman, Hospice is an account and explanation for a year and half of a self-enforced demon-filled disappearance, but the melodic ideas within bring these songs out of mere self-evaluation. This album plays as a collection of songs to comfort the weary heart to sleep to re-awaken some place it's never been before." -RCRD LBL


Disc 1
1 Prologue
2 Kettering
3 Sylvia
4 Atrophy
5 Bear
6 Thirteen
7 Two
8 Shiva
9 Wake
10 Epilogue

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1 reviews

Absolutely fantastic and personal CD. Headphones material. The broken voice, acoustic guitars and disturbingly intimate percussion makes it a journey through raw feelings. LOn top of everything, descriptive crafted lyrics deepen the journey.

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