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2009, Frenchkiss Records

VINYL FORMAT. Digital download card included! The Antlers wildly popular debut album,Hospice, finally receives a proper widespread release through Frenchkiss!

Hospice resonates on debilitating sonic and lyrical levels, from the hypnotic harp and tension-ratcheting build of "Two" to the sing-or-sink choruses of "Bear" and the speaker- rattling peaks of "Sylvia," easily one of the year's most immediate epics. It's here, amidst contrasting shards of ambient noise, sweeping strings and smoky horns, where The Antlers truly transcend their singer-songwriter beginnings - a striking escalation of expectations first hinted at on 2008's New York Hospitals EP. The progression doesn't end there, either. In a move that could be taken as the riff-raking extension of his thorough guitar training (from the age of 6 'til right before college), "Atrophy" and "Wake" delve into sheets of distortion, subtle shades of soul, cicada-like effects and enough movements to fill an entire EP.

For this release, The Antlers' Technicolor-tinged trio take all of Hospice's songs - and three previous releases - in a completely different direction, jettisoning a note- for-note rendition of the record for "a massive sound" doused in delay, reverb and unrehearsed chaos.


Disc 1
1 Prologue
2 Kettering
3 Sylvia
4 Atrophy
5 Bear
6 Thirteen
7 Two
8 Shiva
9 Wake
10 Epilogue

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Pat Martucci
Peter Silberman took a plethora of time to work on his latest work. Settling down, Peter made one of the most well organized albums to date. A story of death and life and how we all feel deep inside, Hospice tells the story of life in the hospital with nothing but faith at our side. Almost a soundtrack to life, this album will get some wear and tear from the stylus many a time as this record is one you can listen to over and over and find new things with every play through.

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