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If Oh, Ramona was Jordan Geiger's bedroom-pop debut album, then Lonely Twin is the sound of Geiger's Hospital Ships solo project moving up to a three-room suite. Exploding outward on album opener "Love Or Death," Geiger gives voice to those "...on the outside, always looking in," while injecting enough electronic beats, buzzing organ riffs, and joyous handclaps to elevate this sophomore Hospital Ships album from modest humility to self-assured confidence.

Perhaps that's because Geiger, a native of Lawrence, Kansas, former member of Shearwater and the Appleseed Cast, and principal member of the now-defunct Minus Story, has taken the fractured Midwestern influences of The Flaming Lips and Bright Eyes to fresh new heights. "Honey Please" is a rollicking slice of queasy, off-kilter rock, but tender tracks like...


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