Hour of 13

Hour of 13 is the conceptual creation of Chad Davis . The focus is on abundant musical/lyrical heaviness and delves into themes of the macabre, darkness, cold atmospheres, complete bleakness/blackness. Hour of 13 plays True Original Occult Doom exclusively!

Band Members:
- Chad Davis -Lead Guitar (Anu, Demoncy, Goatworship (USA), Mortuor, Mountain of Judgement, Profane Grace, Seven Foot Spleen, Subklinik, Torturecide, SET, Father Befouled)
- Ben Hogg - Vocals (Beaten Back to Pure, Birds of Prey)
- Brandon Munday - Rhythm Guitar (Piss Shit Fuck, Haxansabbat, Grandfather Mountain)
- John Mode - Bass
- Dave Easter - Drums (Mountain of Judgement)

Previous Band Members -

Phillip Swanson - Vocals (Atlantean Kodex, Blastmat, Briton Rites, DamNation (USA), Earthlord, KYD, lepus, Loathe, Nightbitch, Seamount, Upwards Of Endtime, V...



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