Human Eye

Clone Defects coasted to a dead stop in late 2004, freeing Timmy "Vulgar" Lampinen to work up the spattered, enjoyably unhinged art-punk of Human Eye. Recorded with the Piranhas' Ryan Sabatis, the band's self-titled In the Red debut emphasizes muddy, two- and three-note basslines that give Vulgar's third-generation Iggy vocals something weighty to lean on. The guitar skitters on the edge of that bass, too Human Eye aren't strangers to guitar feedback, but there are also stretches of what could be an echoplex or some other destructive sound device. As leering keys and deliriously fuzzy guitar fill out the bass-heavy background, lines like "I'm gonna kill Eminem with a pair of sheers/Electrical rollium guitar attack with ear piercing noise," make Vulgar sound like Jonathan Richman on a very, very bad day.



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