Hung Up Over Night


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2008, 555 Recordings

The Third full length (preceeding the 2nd) from Australian supergroup Huon that sees a continuation of fantastic quirky pop mixed with addictive melodic sensibilities. For those of you unconvinced, just check out the groups pedigree line-up featuring David Nichols (Cannanes/ Blairmailer/ Crabstick), Andrew Withycombe (Hydroplane/ Cats Miaow), and Mia Schoen (Long Weekend/Sleepytownship). There are also additional guest appearances from members of other Australian underground combos.


Disc 1
1 Summer Insects
2 David Attenborough
3 Hung Up Over Night
4 Eno Trap
5 Uncracked
6 Innocent It's Not
7 The Rose
8 Click and Drag
9 Sea Elephant
10 Basement
11 Pressing Too Hard
12 Personal Nostalgia
13 C86
14 Tangello

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