I Am the West

Ice Cube


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2010, Lench Mob Records

As his popularity continues to grow through movies and television, Ice Cube remains committed to the foundation of his career: hip-hop. Quick to emphasize that he is and always will be a B-Boy; dedicated to writing vivid rhymes, delivering stellar stage performances and making dope hip-hop records. I Am the West is poised to be another high point in that mission. Very few can make as bold a statement as I Am the West, and even fewer can dispute Ice Cube's right to stake the claim. His hall of fame resume alone would be enough to own the title, but this album is an opportunity to raise the bar even higher. The hallmark of Ice Cube's best known work is ever present on I Am the West: Lyrics from a realistic perspective, giving voice to those usually ignored or shunned by the power base, rhymes that make you think and songs that set the party off - all supported with outstanding production that makes your head nod. And Ice Cube accomplishes this while thoroughly representing his unwavering commitment to the west coast hip-hop movement that he helped to start over twenty years ago. I Am the West is a celebration of summertime on the west coast. So it's only right to introduce the album with the first single "I Rep That West," a song on which Ice Cube makes it very clear where he stands in hip-hop. An up tempo track that's hard enough for the hard core, "I Rep That West" boasts an infectious hook that knows no geographic or demographic boundaries, saturating everyone from the club and radio DJ to those of us singing along in the car. "I Rep That West" is one of several songs on the album that will gain the attention of music fans around the globe. And maybe that's why Ice Cube says he's "too west coast for the west coast."


Disc 1
1 Boy Was Conceived
2 Soul on Ice
3 Life in California
4 She Couldn't Make It on Her Own
5 Urbanian
6 Ya'll Know How I Am
7 Too West Coast
8 I Rep That West
9 Drink the Kool-Aid
10 No Country for Young Men
11 It Is What It Is
12 Hood Robbin'
13 Your Money or Your Life
14 Nothing Like L.A.
15 All Day, Every Day
16 Fat Cat

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