Crystal Castles


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2012, Casablanca

"We wanted the new album to sound like a completely different and new experience," says Ethan in an official statement. "We'd limit ourselves to one take on each song because we believe the first take is the rawest expression of an idea." By ditching their old synthesizers and keyboards used on I and II, Ethan enforced a "strictly no computers" rule in the studio and began recording everything directly to tape. Together the Canadian duo has conjured up a collection of songs that are as a raw as they are well rounded. As the album unfolds, each track will take you to greater heights and equal lows, as you enter the sometimes plagued and often polarized world that is Crystal Castles.


Disc 1
1 Plague
2 Kerosene
3 Wrath Of God
4 Affection
5 Pale Flesh
6 Sad Eyes
7 Insulin
8 Transgender
9 Violent Youth
10 Telepath
11 Mercenary
12 Child I Will Hurt You

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