Icy Demons

Icy Demons is an experimental music project started by Bablicon's Griffin Rodriguez (credited as Blue Hawaii) and Man Man / Need New Body's Christopher Powell (Pow Pow). A project of various Chicago musicians, they have released three albums, Fight Back! on the Elephant 6-associated label Cloud Recordings. Tears of a Clone on the Eastern Developments Music, and in 2007 Miami Ice on Easel (Japan release only).

Demons can be seen as a continuation of the Canterbury Scene which involved acts like Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt. They do however move forward into new ground by mixing this Canterbury style with a noticeable Krautrock influence, especially that of Can. Some melodic lines and rhythmic patterns are strongly reminiscent of Frank Zappa's compositions. Other similar acts include Aksak Maboul, Pit Er Pat, Pop-Off Tuesday, Lightning...


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