Idle Labor

Craft Spells

Vinyl LP

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2011, Captured Tracks

VINYL FORMAT. Comes with a digital download code! What began as a couple notes played in experimentation soon transformed into vibrant melodies that soon shook Vallesteros' musical foundation to the core. Guitar chords laced over pulsating synth melodies and drum rhythms was a departure from Justin's previous work; he began to create the dreamy nostalgic pop music that is Craft Spells. Justin is a California native who now finds residence in the mid-size town of Stockton, the heart of California. Craft Spells is the epitome of the recent uprising of the DIY music scene. Coming from a place not known for its musical history or impact on music culture it seemed destined for Craft Spells to stay as a bedroom pop project with no final destination in sight.


Disc 1
1 For the Ages
2 Scandinavian Crush
3 Fog Rose High
4 Party Talk
5 From the Morning Heat
6 After the Moment
7 Ramona
8 Given the Time
9 Your Tomb
10 You Should Close the Door
11 Beauty Above All

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