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2011, Eskimo

In recent years, Aeroplane has been carefully selecting the best of all the new music released every month to turn it into the "Aeroplane Chart Mixes." The next step was when Aeroplane decided to make it "official." His mixes became a radio show called "In-Flight Entertainment," played every last Friday of the month on Belgian national radio station PureFM. The constantly-rising interest made the "In-Flight Entertainment" mix series really influential in the dance music scene, pushing artists to send music to Aeroplane upfront to include in his mixes, turning them into something more and more exclusive. Aeroplane's constant search for new music and his obsessive need to listen to everything he receives gave him the opportunity to discover a lot of newcomers he would feature on the mixes, which would help to put them on the music map. With this history, an Aeroplane mix CD couldn't be anything simple, it needed to be special. He wanted it to be ahead of its time and he wanted it to be 100% exclusive. Teaming up with all his friends and producers from all around the world, he put together a collection of songs that have never been heard before, some of them being made especially for the compilation with, as usual, a lot of space for young producers. Even Aeroplane rolls up his sleeves to contribute with an exclusive Aeroplane track. Artists include: Poolside, Bxentric, Herr Styler, Drop Out Orchestra, Martin Dubka, Stars On 33, Kolombo, Michael Parker, RipTide, Cosmonauts, Oliver, James Curd, Devin Byrnes and Moonlight Matters.


Disc 1
1 Take Me Home
2 Foolishness [Vocodub Mix]
3 Zero Ghosts Out the Door
4 It Will Never Be the Same Again
5 Through Thorns To the Stars
6 Something You Can Feel
7 Save Me Now
8 Daylight
9 Sophie
10 Snakes Head
11 Memories of the Future
12 Let's Burn It All
13 Say a Lot

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