In Focus?

Shugo Tokumaru


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2013, Polyvinyl

Limited edition of 2000 copies. For the first half of 2012, Shugo Tokumaru locked himself inside his home studio while working on In Focus?, often forgetting to eat and sleep for long stretches of time while crafting the record's 15 songs – each of which contains an average of 20 instruments and hundreds of recorded parts that are meticulously mixed together to create a single, cohesive track. As a result of this extreme care and attention to detail, In Focus? represents the clearest manifestation of his multifaceted musical vision to date.


Disc 1
1 Circle
2 Katachi
3 Gamma
4 Decorate
5 Call
6 Mubyo
7 Poker
8 Ord Gate
9 Pah-Paka
10 Tightrope
11 Helictite (LeSeMoDe)
12 Shirase
13 Micro Guitar Music
14 Down Down
15 Balloon

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