In Love With Dusk / Our Own Dream

Keep Shelly in Athens

Vinyl LP

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2012, Forest Family

VINYL FORMAT. Comes on white 12" silver splattered vinyl. In anticipation of their first full international tour, Keep Shelly in Athens readies the road with a special edition release of their first two EPs coalesced into one epic 12". Garnering tags anywhere from "Hypnologic" to "Balearic", this Grecian duo's unique sound has captivated listeners since their inception. Given the last EPs sold out in less than a month, those who missed out can now own both in a single package, along with an exclusive new remix and original track "A Tear in My I" (from previous 7") - a combination that will draw the attention of new and previous owners.


Disc 1
1 Running Out Of You
2 Fokionos Negri Street
3 Cremona Memories
4 Rainy Night
5 Don't Be Afraid
6 In Love With Dusk
7 A Tear In My I
8 Lazy Noon
9 Our Own Dream
10 California Birds (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)
11 DIY
12 Fairytale
13 A) The Rogue Superhero B) Ready To Pay The Price

Customer Reviews


1 reviews

Musically, very very solid pair of EPs. Especially In Love With Dusk. However, the vinyl skips at the beginning on Side A, and its solid white with no silver splatter (I even preordered). I was expecting a solid pressing and the silver splatter (and maybe a track listing), and while the music is awesome, I can't say this package slightly disappointed me.

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