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2008, ATO Records

VINYL FORMAT. Released in download format earlier this year, In Rainbows has already received tremendous acclaim in the press. British music magazine Q wrote "In Rainbows is a brilliant work" while Rolling Stone said the album "delivers an emotional punch that proves all other rock stars owe us an apology." New York magazine raved, "Radiohead has made their best music in years, maybe ever."


Disc 1
1 15 Step
2 Bodysnatchers
3 Nude
4 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
5 All I Need
6 Faust Arp
7 Reckoner
8 House of Cards
9 Jigsaw Falling into Place
10 Videotape

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Customer Reviews


3 reviews

Fucking Awesome.
Ian Feng
Radiohead, you either love them, or you haven't heard of them yet. But the fact remains that their previous two albums were maddeningly inconsistent. Amnesiac was plagued by bizarre atonal interludes (Hunting Bears), or just seemingly unnecessary tracks (Morning Bell version 2.0???) while Hail to the Thief felt one degree too self aware of its own cleverness (alternative titles?). In Rainbows however, is nothing less than a complete turnaround. Focusing again on guitars and old-fashioned instrumentation (but without ignoring the electronica developed in the previous three albums), In Rainbows is, if nothing else, consistently, and compellingly listenable. Though filled with great tracks: the quietude of Nude, to the "rocking" nature of Bodysnatchers, to the all-around achievement that is the new Reckoner; In Rainbows nevertheless demands to be listened to in full. The marketing was genius, but there's no denying the quality of what Radiohead is selling.
Chris Melton
Though it doesn't match the rhythmic flow of <i>OK Computer</i>, <i>In Rainbows</i> returns Radiohead to their roots. They drop the electronica feel of <i>Kid A</i>, <i>Amnesiac</i> and <i>Hail to the Thief</i> for a more guitar and keyboard approach. People expecting the next Paranoid Android will be let down by this album. Bodysnatchers and Jigsaw Falling Into Place are the only real rock feelings. I would say that House of Cards somewhat leans towards Creep in terms of its sound and rhythm. I figure that Reckoner may have drawn some influence from Knives Out.
Overall, In Rainbows has a better flow to it than the past three ventures from Radiohead, but still just doesn't leave you with the awe of <i>The Bends</i> or <i>OK Computer</i>. I would recommend this album to true Radiohead fans, it isn't for the beginner but it will please.

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