Innuendo (Reissue)


Vinyl LP

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2009, Hollywood Records

VINYL FORMAT. Queen achieved many things in their recordings with Freddie Mercury, but they reached new heights with the last album recorded and released while he was alive. Innuendo is an ambitious, epic LP with heartfelt, mature lyrics which took on new meaning when Freddie passed away immediately after its release. This is the first US release of Innuendo on LP, and features the original 1991 edits made by the band. A platinum smash in its original release, now restored to glorious analog 180 gram jet-black vinyl.


Disc 1
1 Innuendo
2 I'm Going Slightly Mad
3 Headlong
4 I Can't Live with You
5 Don't Try So Hard
6 Ride the Wild Wind
7 All God's People
8 These Are the Days of Our Lives
9 Delilah
10 Hitman
11 Bijou
12 Show Must Go On

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