Niki and the Dove

Vinyl LP

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2012, Sub Pop

VINYL FORMAT. Comes with a digital download code! Kaleidoscopic in the studio and a force majeure on stage, it's no surprise that Malin Dahlström (vocals) and Gustaf Karlöf (keyboards) of Sweden's Niki and The Dove's met while writing music for the theatre. While their roots are in theatre (their live show includes three drummers, a bassist and two dancers flanking Malin's costumed, exuberant presence), they ultimately straddle the pop and dance worlds with a devastating musical hybrid that incorporates electronics and beats spanning from tribal to synth-pop to R&B. It is a riddle to work out exactly what the pair are–as it should be. "In our heart, we are a soul band, not an electronic band," says Malin.

Niki and The Dove's pop and dance sides are both evident from the very first moments of Instinct, their debut album, as the opening track "Tomorrow" unfolds a subtle pulse with pan-Pacific textures underneath Malin's aching vocal, rising to a series of euphoric peaks as the vocals ramp up the feeling of a tribal ceremony. This was also the case with "DJ, Ease My Mind," the duo's debut single released in February 2010. Malin's vocal has the urgency and vulnerability of epic '60s girl-group pop (The Shangri La's, say) fused to Niki and The Dove's unique version of joyful dance-floor release. Time and again, Instinct follows the same blueprint of intent–a blend of tenderness, explosion, hypnosis and elation–but never the same routine. Instinct is an exhilarating experience, like stepping into a piece of art.


Disc 1
1 Tomorrow
2 The Drummer
3 In Our Eyes
4 The Gentle Roar
5 Mother Protect
6 Last Night
7 Somebody
8 Love to the Test
9 DJ, Ease My Mind
10 Winterheart
11 The Fox
12 Under the Bridges (extended version)

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