Insults & Insights


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2005, Kittridge

The more recordings Boyracer releases, the more I understand how someone could become an obsessive Boyracer collector, hunting down every song and recording no matter how obscure (every last cassette, lathe cut 7", split EP and compilation track). The more I hear, the more I want to hear, and that's especially the case with Insults and Insights, a firecracker disguised as an EP.

-erasing clouds-


Disc 1
1 Louise PLAY
2 The Sadness In You PLAY
3 Fast Boyfriends PLAY
4 The Second Fiddle PLAY
5 Roubideaux PLAY
6 I Love Accents PLAY
7 Smile On Cue PLAY
8 Tell Me What You Want (Then Tell Me What You Need) PLAY

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