There are at least two bands with the name Interference.

Interference are a group centred around Fergus O’ Farrell. The central core worked as a live band to great acclaim in the 90’s. This led to an album where many great and famous extra members contributed. (see The Cast below) Fergus attracts collaboration. He lived for a time in The Winstanley Shoe Factory, hosting jam sessions with many of the Dublin bands of the time.

Relationships established then continue: Fergus currently co-writes and guests with Maria Doyle Kennedy, Glen Hansard, and Liam O Maonlaoi. Many Interference songs were written with lyricist Malcolm McClancy. Gavin Harte worked with Ferg for years to realise the album. They enlisted “DanDan” FitzGerald to design a studio and to oversee the recording and production. Interference made their own album in...


Interference Albums

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