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2014, Matador


Insound exclusive bundle of Interpol titles “Turn on the Bright Lights,” “Antics,” and “Interpol” (while supplies last)!

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Interpol- Turn on the Bright Lights (120 gram) (2004, Matador):
At some point early on, someone decided to start comparing this New York trio to Joy Division, which makes sense, given the mannered, precise fashion in which the group builds tension and (sometimes) releases it, and for the fact that Paul Bank's voice occasionally approaches the depths of Ian Curtis' thick baritone. These comparisons began snowballing and eventually turned to accusations of cloning. This is a horribly nearsighted way of viewing the band; a Joy Division comparison is only one of many that can be drawn, and they are all tenuous at best. A couple examples: Bank's tightly wound nervousness truthfully has more in common with the Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano without sounding like a bratty, scrawny Patti Smith fan; the solemn "NYC" surprisingly resembles mid-'80s U2 to an extent, removing all the pomp and throwing itself into a thicket of reverb anchored by a dubwise bass line. To those looking beneath the surface, Interpol becomes a band of its own. Each of the songs here emits various shades of gray, built on durable arrangements, a veteran band's sense of economy and dynamics, and a streak of gloom that never quite reaches overbearing doom.

Interpol- Antics (120 gram) (2005, Matador):
The follow-up to their mega-successful debut is no less brooding and intense, but it's now charged with flashes of color and romance. Antics infuses Interpol's dark musical landscapes with new optimism. Vanity Fair called it "achingly beautiful...explores emotional blues, but never, ever plays the blues," while Interview said it's "dark, hypnotic, and immensely catchy." Around here, we just call it great.

Interpol- Interpol (120 gram) (2010, Matador):
Comes with a digital download coupon! The long-awaited fourth album from New York's Interpol finds them exploring dark musical landscapes of layered depth and intensity. In contrast to 2007's Our Love to Admire, this self-titled opus hangs together as an album, a set of very different songs that thematically connect. From the highly melodic "Barricade" and "Lights" through the snarling "Memory Serves" and the extraordinary triptych of connected tracks that close the album, Interpol have never made work this emotionally resonant or packed with crescendos. Mixer Alan Moulder has brought the rhythm section back to the fore, anchoring a thicket of orchestral sound that brings to mind touchstones from black metal to '70s art rock, but always remains identifiably Interpol. Hypnotic, bizarre, always indelible, Interpol is the band's magnum opus.

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