Is It...Man or Astro-man?

Man or Astro-man?

Vinyl LP

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2010, Estrus

VINYL FORMAT. Includes two vinyl only bonus tracks not on the CD! Debut album from Auburn, AL's surf twang boys Man or Astroman? stands as a distinct point in time for one of the most prolific, hardest working bands of the 90s and beyond. Developing an instrumental sound that was equal parts love and irreverence for a long standing tradition of surf music, the record marks the starting point for a young band embarking on a quest to inflect new life in the genre of guitar based music.


Disc 1
1 Taxidermist Surf
2 Invasion of the Dragonmen
3 Nitrous Burn Out
4 Clean up on Aisle #9 (Turn up the Monitors)
5 Journey to the Stars
6 Cowboy Playing Dead
7 Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb
8 Human Calculator
9 Organ Smash
10 Cattle Drive
11 Escape Through the Air Vent
12 Mermaid Love
13 Eric Estrotica
14 Alien Visitors

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