Jad Fair

Jad Fair is a member of lo-fi alternative rock group Half Japanese.

Both Jad and his brother David rejected typical notions of tuning and stringing guitars, believing that they could only create truly original music by inventing their own ways of playing. Jad has been playing guitar for over thirty years, but cannot name a single chord.

He has worked with numerous alternative and outside musicians including:

* 1989: Daniel Johnston, releasing It's Spooky,
* 1996: Phono-Comb, releasing Monsters, Lullabies, and the Occasional Flying Saucer
* 1998: Yo La Tengo, releasing Strange but True, an album based on the unusual stories taken from the Strange but True column of newspapers
* 2002: Teenage Fanclub, releasing Words Of Wisdom And Hope.
* 1995 - 20?? 15 albums so far in collaboration with Jason Willett



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