A poly-rhythmic paradise of liquid harmonics to be poured into the ears …
Jahcoozi’s music is as original as the phonetic imagination of their name. Hailing from the Berlin club scene and its international cohorts in the pre-Internet era of the early noughties, this bass-heavy electronica trio is a creative alliance made up of London-born, Sri Lankan songwriter and front woman Sasha Perera and two beat-freak producers/multi-instrumentalists — Teuton Robot Koch and Tel-Aviv born Oren Gerlitz.
Together, Jahcoozi are a mash-up operation that have consistently managed to deliver their very own mongrel style of avant-garde, electronic pop music. They all met during a long, coal-fuelled winter in Berlin in 2002 and have been making music together ever since. The group built up a solid fan-base with their freaky underground shows in 200...



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