Jason Urick

Husbands comes out in late October and will probably appeal to fans of WZT Hearts (obviously) and to those who enjoy some of our more recent avant-releases like Mountains, Lithops, David Daniell and Douglas McCombs and Lokai.

Husbands is Jason Urick’s solo debut. Those well-versed in the Baltimore or experimental electronic music scenes might be familiar with his band WZT Hearts or his solo works as Themoonstealingproject. Husbands finds Urick at a crossroads where his ideas are becoming more fully realized, and while still experimental in nature, the songs are envisioned as an honest attempt at "pop“.

There are similarities to his previous projects of course. Those familiar with WZT Hearts will feel that the tracks on Husbands are in-line with the more ambient pieces that the band produced. Ghosted, fragmented melodies, di...


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